-Insert witty title-
i like turtles
vacation ;w;

-Insert witty title-
i like where this is going
I'm still very much alive

The question is, are you still alive?

Oh man

So much procrastinating. This is not funny.

I think I'll work on the graphics for yamahiba fest tomorrow after zumba classes, when my dad thinks I'm working on schoolwork. I really want to have a decent amount ;A;

I need to plan my time better.

Things to do! So little time...
i like where this is going

For once, I've decided to set up some deadlines so that I can finish everything I wanted to finish before school starts! Because the YamaHiba fest is coming up soon, I'll definitely need to post up all my graphics that I've done. Meaning, there'll be an "I'm still alive!" batch followed by a small batch totally dedicated to 8018.

Starting tomorrow, I'll be taking zumba classes! I hope they're as fun as I've heard they are.

Finally, I need to finish my summer reading. URGENTLY. I just finished the first book and I'm not even halfway through the notes! Ughhh <//3 so I'll need to dedicate some time for that.

I also have to fix up my novel outlines. I was going to leave them alone for a month but inspiration struck twice and now I have two totally different ideas. I'm still debating whether or not I should post them on LJ or on Fictionpress. I got some nice reviews at Fictionpress but I'm still not sure...

I've also been meaning to reorganize my LJ and maybe change up the layout......

so disappoint
Ughh so lazyyyyyy.
Once I get that nice, faster laptop from a family friend, I'm going to be online EVERYWHERE.
I seriously should post a small batch in my graphics comm too. Just. Too. Lazy.

i like turtles
Just learnt that if I fuck up my last exam on Monday, it's all chill.

Because it's an optional course that my school decided to make mandatory, so it's not actually going to count. Also, I'm not doing the sciences route so double bonus. Still going to study, but no stress.

So looking forward to making a nice graphics batch on Tuesday/Wednesday. Need to look for some more textures, check out some new techniques and then I WILL WORK.

I'll be adding some Puella Magi Madoka Magica (I got some image packs, although they lack credits so people will have to let me know) and maybe more Vocaloid than I intended. I'm also in need of some super beautiful Hetalia stuff so I'll have to hunt for some later.

Oh, and I also need to work on my contribution of the YamaHiba fest! If anyone is an 8018 shipper, they should make sure to check out here on the 10th of August! There'll be some fanfics, doujin, fanart and more~

Can I Die Now? orz
so disappoint
 Exams are kind of killing me. I have a shitload of stuff to study for + some major last minute projects. Whoever told my school board to give us four extra days of school should be stabbed with a spork. It's not helping us at all. I have three projects due on Monday, a test on Wednesday and two in-class exams on Tuesday and Thursday. Then classes end and I have the big exams. There's no time to celebrate the end of the year because oh hey, a math exam in the morning right after! <///3 I am very displeased.

So far, my weekend has been somewhat productive? Played some MMORPGs until 12 PM and then started some work. Basically: make a coffee, work on Spanish project, make a coffee, work on YamaHiba Fest graphics, make a coffee and so on.

I definitely could have worked more but my brain can't handle so much stuff.

Last day of exams is on the 21st for me. Hopefully I don't screw up before then. I plan to hibernate for a few days, go swimming and work on my two graphics bunch to stay active.




When my exams are over at the end of June,  I'm going to hibernate sleep for four days straight. Then I'm going to celebrate with several trips to that awesome bubble tea place in Chinatown and a huge graphics dump.

toastedgraphics is now opened! o/
initiating F.A.N.G.I.R.L mode
Finally finished up my new graphics community! I didn't think it would take so long to beautify it and write stuff up. The first graphics post is up too! Now I have to slowly start working on the next batch. Not sure if I should start a request post yet or not.


Yes, this is pretty much shameless advertising.

I need a longer break
 Ugh, march break is almost over and I haven't actually done anything productive. I have a French article to write and three tests to study for. Honestly, something needs to be done about my constant procrastinating. I'm going to get grey hair with all the worrying I do.


This morning, I was all "I'll make graphics because that's what I do when I'm bored!"

But for the first time since forever, I couldn't come up with anything. I have an unfinished Chrome header and Bad Friends Trio wallpaper. I have no clue what to do with them. My fanart folder is also in major need of an update. It doesn't help that I'm kinda banned from animanga stuff too, so I have to ninja everything.

I'm off to try and work on graphics again. I really want to try and get a batch up by the end of the week... as in next week... I don't know BLEH.


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